Move day flowers

Move Day was actually Tues, April 3. Tom met the Internet installer at the new house while I supervised movers at rental house.  Note to self: never underestimate the strength of little guys that move you. Spent Wed unpacking. A humungous THANKS to Lori who is an unpacking fiend and friend. 😁  Some of my […]

Double nickels

Our lovely band of strong women assemble to celebrate each of our birthdays. This always includes plenty of adult grape juice and some morsels of munchies. We roast the recipient and shower her with compliments and birthday cards. These cards are always comical and we crack ourselves up! Happy birthday, Lori. Twas a fun celebration […]

Tabata…aka OMG my legs are sore

So…..this past year I focused on 1)selling our house in N. Austin 2)moving to lease house in S. Austin and 3)building a new house in Wimberley. As you might imagine, that didn’t leave much time to workout. In previous year, I regularly competed in 70.3 Ironman. Since I wouldn’t settle on just “doing” a triathlon […]

Family Ties

Not all families are founded on a strong bond. Yes, we are blood but that doesn’t automatically make things wonderful or magical. Relationship are tested. Communication can shut down. And you wonder…..what happened? Time heals all….or so they say. You wait. You send letters. You make phone calls. You wait. And THEN! You get a […]

Breaking the wooden ceiling

Bipolar peeps have far more challenges to overcome than the average Joe can ever fathom. The chemicals in their brains can put the person in a severe depression or a manic episode. These moods swings can last days, months or years. Bipolar can not be cured but it can be managed. My youngest son was […]

The Calmness of Strangers

About a mile and half from my Mother’s house in Germantown, TN lies this wonderful little park called Cameron Brown.  There are tall, white trees (sorry I couldn’t find out what they were) and some very tall pines. The walking trail winds around the 3-acre lake and during the winter, the park is filled with […]

High altitude sunset

I flew to Germantown, TN to visit my mother for a few days. There was a wow moment when I looked out the window of the airplane and saw one of the most amazing, red sunsets I have ever had the privilege to witness. My visit with Mother was one of my most pleasant ones. […]