Family Ties

Not all families are founded on a strong bond. Yes, we are blood but that doesn’t automatically make things wonderful or magical. Relationship are tested. Communication can shut down. And you wonder…..what happened? Time heals all….or so they say. You wait. You send letters. You make phone calls. You wait. And THEN! You get a […]

Breaking the wooden ceiling

Bipolar peeps have far more challenges to overcome than the average Joe can ever fathom. The chemicals in their brains can put the person in a severe depression or a manic episode. These moods swings can last days, months or years. Bipolar can not be cured but it can be managed. My youngest son was […]

The Calmness of Strangers

About a mile and half from my Mother’s house in Germantown, TN lies this wonderful little park called Cameron Brown.  There are tall, white trees (sorry I couldn’t find out what they were) and some very tall pines. The walking trail winds around the 3-acre lake and during the winter, the park is filled with […]

High altitude sunset

I flew to Germantown, TN to visit my mother for a few days. There was a wow moment when I looked out the window of the airplane and saw one of the most amazing, red sunsets I have ever had the privilege to witness. My visit with Mother was one of my most pleasant ones. […]

Duck, duck, butt

There’s a small pond towards the end of this south Austin subdivison that I sometimes stopped by to catch the view of birds.  Today, I discovered over 200 ducks! I sat for 30 minutes and watched.  There were several species of both dabbling ducks and diving ducks just hanging out.  I got some pictures of […]


Ladderback Woodpecker, South Austin.  This little guy was hanging out in the tree the entire time I was racking leaves in the backyard.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a photo op.  I got within 10 feet and moved around to capitalize on the afternoon light and voila!  I was rewarded with this nice […]

Birds of a feather

This is Mr Ekko. After I lost Mikey, my silver cat that lived with me for 20 years, Tom asked if I was okay that he get a bird. Sure! But not one that lives 150+ years like a Macaw or one that costs $900+ like an African Grey! After much research, Tom said Red […]