Photography class con’t

This week’s homework assignment was a bit challenging for me.  It had two parts: 1)Depth control with aperture and 2) motion blur control using shutter speed. The motion blur part I can get and had a lot of fun with a ceiling fan and a waterfall But the depth of control with aperature, well…I’m still […]

Pedal Thru the Pines

Notorious for raining during this organized bike ride, today’s weather did not disappoint. Thankfully it only light rained on us the first 50-60 minutes of the ride. Temperatures and winds were favorable and made for a good last 25 miles of the 40+ ride….yes, missed a turned and got some bonus miles in. Gotta admit, […]


Well now, here we go. I got a “big girl” camera for Christmas. Its an Olympus Digital E-M10 Mark II and I’m loving it.  I took some photography classes in college when I had one of those 35mm’s that you had to shoot rolls of film and then wait to develop the pictures to see […]

House Sparrows

These little guys frequent my backyard on a daily basis, year round. Through organizations such as WildLife Habitat and the Audubon Society, I learned to appreciate the “beauty” of a woodpile. The Sparrow as well as Northern Cardinals, Carolina Wrens, Carolina Chickadees and Black Crested Titmouse use the woodpile for protection against predators and shelter […]