An afternoon with Wiggly Field

About 6 years ago, my dear friend Julie Yarsa moved to Durango, CO. Before she moved she presented me with a very special gift….my very own worm farm. This vermicompost tub contains hundreds of miracle workers who can take human food scraps and produce black gold aka soil. My tub is called Wiggly Field. Today […]

To Grandma, With Love

I am SO fortunate to have grandparents that have lived to be in their 90s. The chance to experience and share in relationships that span decades is incredible. This point was deeply driven in today. I drove to Spring Branch to help my oldest son and his family with their move into their beautiful new […]

Beam me nowhere, Scotty

The chorus of bird song is a delightful and pleasant preamble to my day. The mist gently hovers over the prairie. A young squirrel forges under the feeders. And I gaze to my left to see fingers of sunlight streaming thru the trees….not now Scotty. I’m not ready to beam up anywhere.

The perfect rainy day

We have been in our new house for a month now. There are still unpacked boxes stowed throughout the house but it’s very livable. I spent Tuesday clearing out the garage so I could park my Pilot inside. Today is a lovely soaking rain kinda of day. And the perfect opportunity to focus on setting […]

Walk this way

I now live in the sticks or shall I say amoung the sticks, as in Walking Sticks. These guys are just plain weird to me but I will share the space with them and most all other insects of the country. (Warning: I’m stepping up on my soapbox) I am trying to learn how not […]

Special Delivery

I’m an Earth and nature loving girl. I love to grow things and try my best to mend our dear planet in as many ways as I can. Within the first week of moving to Mustang Valley (MV),  I established my compost pile. It’s exciting for me to have one of this size and there’s […]

Country Mouse is home

We bought Lot 11 in April of 2012 and now, 6 years later I am sitting on the back patio gazing out at the back prairie. There’s an Eastern Phoebe incessantly calling and working the trees in search of insects. The Hummingbirds sometimes buzz me or harass one another. The Chipping Sparrows scurry in the […]