Sometimes, It’s Just Not Enough

I SO love to set up the bird feeders in the yard and watch the birdies. I have assorted seed feeders, bark butter, suet cakes and even a heated bird bath for the winter days.  As I’ve learned, birds sometimes fly into windows.  They may be spooked and the flock scatters, resulting in an impact.  […]

Winter is Coming

40th birthday – piece of cake.  Didn’t feel (or look a day over 30).  This decade milestone came and went without a blink of an eye.  I actually felt the best I had ever felt – emotionally, physically and mentally my entire life. T’was a good year.  Had life experiences, a youthful passion for challenge […]

Everyday is a winding road.

Elderhill Road is a very winding, twisty, up and down road.  It’s a 4 mile stretch between FM150 and RR12 (not that anyone would recognize these Texas roads) that I drive on my way to the Wimberley house that’s under construction.  I love this drive.  There are days when some ole time rock and roll […]

Wha cho lookin’ at?

My new photography book, “The Art of the Photograph” by Art Wolfe & Rob Sheppard, asks “Are you using your camera and lens to the fullest?” This 1/2 page topic was followed by 10 questions all of which started, “Do you understand…..”. Of course, when I read this section last night, I answered Yes. Well, […]

500 miles

Just a VERY small sampling of the many running shoes I’ve gone thru over the course of the 20+ years that I’ve been running.  I keep track and log the miles per pair.  The general rule is that a pair of running shoes is good for 500 miles and then the wear has an adverse […]

When I grow up…..

While building our dream home in Wimberely, Tom and I leased a house in south Austin.  One of the perks of this lease: backyard was full of fruit trees such as Myer’s Lemon tree, orange tree, pomegranate tree, banana trees and a fig tree.  I’m hoping to start some cuttings of the fig tree and […]

Focusing on the image

I took photography classes in college (early ‘90s),  learned a lot and really enjoyed them. As with many of my hobbies in my younger day, I lost the interest to cultivate them. There always seemed to be distractions, excuses or other priorities (a day soon, we’ll visit violin and guitar) and I put those interests […]