Chicken Chronicles – week 79

One of my recent experiments included laying straw in the bottom of the chicken run. The chickens love it! I can’t tell if it’s the texture or seeds or what but the big girls will scratch and create little sitting areas in the straw. Another experiment is winter squash as a natural dewormer. I haven’t […]

Chicken Chronicles – week 76

I took a road trip to Colorado the last week of August, leaving Tom on chicken duty. Poor guy…I was not even gone 10 minutes when a hawk swooped down, dispersing the flock into a clucking, screaming panic for cover. During this scramble SJ got separated from the rest. It took Tom over 2 hours […]

Chicken Chronicles -.week 73

The toughest part of being a Chicken Mama is losing one. I LOVE my chickens and work very hard to keep them happy and safe but that’s not enough. I lost Cleopatra on Tuesday. She was a beautiful Bielefelder and true to her breed, she was a gentle giant.  I found her laying in the […]

The Garden Plot – chapter 11

Hopefully the third time’s the charm. This is my third and final attempt at growing Brussel Sprouts. I’ve had tall, beautiful healthy plants these past two springs but absolutely no sprouts. I know they are cool weather veggies so this attempt is a fall crop. I sowed seeds on July 30th and they have already […]

Chicken Chronicles – week 72

Babies have now graduated to big chicken free ranging…at least under my supervision and for short amounts of time. The big girls will still harass them a bit but I’m seeing more acceptance each day and less drama. I do believe the babies see me as their mom and definitely trust me. I can sit […]

Chicken Chronicles – week 70

The 3 babies are 12 weeks old now and a bit more than 1/2 the same of the big girls. They’re very fast and are pretty good about avoiding the wrath of terror that rains upon them from time to time from Punk, and so the daily chicken shuffle has got a bit easier. Oh, […]

Garden Plot – chapter 10 (Revisiting Wiggly Field)

With temperatures in triple digits and very little rain for the past 30 days, I’ve had to nurse my garden along. There’s only the tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini still hanging in there… I pretty much have given up on the beans as the baby chickens have really done a number on the bottom vines. I […]

Chicken Chronicles – week 69.5

Here in the Hill Country of Texas, we’re experiencing triple digits summer days. I can get my outside chores done in the morning when it’s a tad cooler but the flock is stuck trying to survive the heat of the afternoons. All those feather provide a great coat for winter time but not so great […]

Chicken Chronicles – week 69

Flock Integration…what an elusive desire, at least in my part. Babies are now 11 weeks old and approximately 1/2 the size of big girls. The extension has allowed the babies to live close to the big girls without fear of being traumatized. Today’s plan: sit with all chickens for a while in the coop to […]

Chicken Chronicles – week 68

More chickens means more room. So Tom and I added an extension to the existing chicken coop/run (Tom had off this week and I roped him into this project 😎) Design and make material list ✔️ Trip to Home Depot (yes, we wore masks and maintained social distance) to purchase all materials ✔️ Tom cut […]