Chicken Chronicles – week 95

First…Happy Birthday, Julie. You made mention in the Chicken Chronicles…may your day be a clucky one. 😎 So… we’ve gotten past last week’s drama and moved onto “Just another day at the office” in our free range activity…more or less🤨

Chicken Chronicles – week 94

OMG!!!! The chicken drama was at an all time high today! Jessie has been the only hen laying eggs since Oct 23. That’s the time the three older hens (Spot, Punk and Frodo) started molting and thus haven’t laid eggs so Jessie has had the coop to herself these past 2 months. Well! Not today…. […]

Master Naturalist – recert!

This latest chapter of my life has been amazing and I am channeling my inner biological nerd. In 2019, I took 9 months of training and earned my certification as a Hays County Master Naturalist. In order to retain and keep my certification, I’m required to get 40 volunteer hours and 8 advanced training hours […]

Chicken Chronicles – week 89.2

Tom built a mighty fine chicken run and coop for me. Well for the chickens, I still get to sleep in the house. 🤪 A bit of advice that our home builder gave us, “Don’t try to do everythingthing at once. Live in your house and wear it for awhile.” LOVE that advice. And now, […]

The Garden Plot – chapter 12

I spent Sunday and Monday afternoon prepping for our first freeze on 12/1 which appropriately coincides with this blog’s chapter 12. I covered all the garden vegetable plants, fig trees and pomegranates, and moved many plants to the back porch and covered with a tarp. Here’s how things fared or didn’t fare: The cool season […]

Chicken Chronicles – week 89

And the molting continues 🤪! The three big girls started their molt a tad over 5 weeks ago. I read it could take 6 – 8 weeks to complete but they had better hurry! Winter is knocking on the coop door and temperatures are dropping into the mid 20’s. And here’s the flock at the […]


Way back in May of this year, I started an outdoor furniture refinishing project. I rescued three pieces, a metal bench and two chairs, from my neighbor’s driveway where someone had abandoned them. Although weather worn, all the pieces were in good shape and had strong bones. I handed sanded the first chair which took […]

Chicken Chronicles – week ??

I know, right?! You’d think with Covid social distancing and partial shutdowns I’d be more regular with my blog! We’ll, let’s do some catching up: First, young Jessie laid her first egg Oct 19th and not only did she start, she lays EVERYDAY! I’ve even gotten two double yolk eggs. Frodo FINALLY stopped brooding…yay! She […]

Chicken Chronicles – week 79

One of my recent experiments included laying straw in the bottom of the chicken run. The chickens love it! I can’t tell if it’s the texture or seeds or what but the big girls will scratch and create little sitting areas in the straw. Another experiment is winter squash as a natural dewormer. I haven’t […]

Chicken Chronicles – week 76

I took a road trip to Colorado the last week of August, leaving Tom on chicken duty. Poor guy…I was not even gone 10 minutes when a hawk swooped down, dispersing the flock into a clucking, screaming panic for cover. During this scramble SJ got separated from the rest. It took Tom over 2 hours […]